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And Now... the Excitng Conclusion of our Series on Citations

Some final words of assistance from Guest Blogger Jane Kessler on formatting citations for bibliographies.

Citation Help in Databases
Remember that the citations found in databases are usually in a generic style, not MLA or APA, so be sure not to use them in a bibliography without reformatting into the correct style. Many of the databases to which the University Libraries subscribe are beginning to offer help with citations, although the type of help varies widely. Some, like Ebsco Academic Search Premier, offer examples in their Help file of citations for resources found in the database. Ebsco Academic Search Premier also offers the ability to export a tagged file of citations to bibliographic management software, such as EndNote or RefWorks.

Some databases, such as Xreferplus, offer pre-formatted citations. At the bottom of each article in the Xreferplus database users will see citations for the article in APA, MLA and Chicago styles.
Another type of citation help available in some databases is on demand bibliography formatting. Sociological Abstracts from CSA has this feature. Users perform a search, mark the sources they need, and then can generate a bibliography in one of 8 different styles (APA, MLA, ASA, Chicago, Turabian, CBE, Harvard, or Uniform.) This works quite well but one flaw I have noted is that it fails to capitalize proper names in article titles, so some editing is required.

If you have questions about formatting citations for a bibliography, drop by the Dewey Library Reference Desk, call us at 442-3691, or e-mail us.