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New Seminar Offered

The Dewey Graduate Library is pleased to announce a new seminar being offered this semester. Using the Web to Communicate and Collaborate explores web applications such as blogs, wikis, and RSS.
This seminar will answer the following questions:

  • What exactly do the terms "blog," "wiki," and "RSS" mean?

  • What is the difference between a blog and a wiki?

  • How can I receive automatic notification when a web site has new information?

  • What are some examples of blogs, wikis, and/or RSS feeds that pertain to my academic discipline?

  • How can I create my own blog or wiki, or add RSS to my own web site?

The seminar will be offered on Tuesday, November 27th, at 3:00PM in the Dewey Mezzanine Classroom.
For more information about this seminar, email us, drop by the Reference Desk, or call 442-3691. Register either by calling, or use our online registration form.