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Make Sure to Always Have Your SUNYCard at the Library!

You already know that you use your SUNYCard to do many things on campus (buying books in the bookstore, purchasing meals in the dining rooms, entering buildings, purchasing munchies, doing laundry, etc.). But did you know that you need your SUNYCard in the libraries as well?

You need to present your SUNYCard in order to borrow books from the University at Albany libraries. Did you know you can also use your SUNYCard to pay for printing and photocopying? You can even use it to pay for any library fines you may owe.

All you need to do is make sure that you have money in your Podium account on your SUNYCard. You can put money into your podium account one of the following ways: by going to the SUNYCard office in the Campus Center (Room B-52), by calling the SUNYCard office at 442-5989, by mailing in a check or your credit card number on the appropriate form, by going to PodiumNet and paying with a credit card, or by using cash at the SUNYCard terminals.

Dewey Library has a SUNYCard terminal near the reference desk. Should you forget your SUNYCard, you can purchase a Podium card for $1.00 but then you will need to add money to the account itself. Also the Podium card simply allows printing and photocopying – you cannot borrow materials with it. To save yourself $1.00, remember to bring your SUNYCard when you come to the library!