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Primary Elections are Just Around the Corner

September 9 is primary day in New York State. Although there are no elections for statewide positions this year, all House of Representative seats, NYS Senate seats, and NYS Assembly seats are being elected this year. Many of these positions have primary contests. Here are a few key websites and reference resources to help you find out where to vote, which way to vote, and who got elected.

The New York State Board of Elections web site has a lot of helpful information regarding HAVA compliance in NYS, NYS election law, enrollment statistics, and links to county boards of elections. The latter can provide helpful information for those planning to vote in the primary election because you can determine the location of polling places which are not necessarily the same as the ones for the general election.

Voting Guide:
C-SPAN: Election Guide-New York, has the names of primary candidates for Congress and the NYS Legislature, and in some cases biographical information and issue statements.

Election Results:
The NYS Board of Elections site has the primary elections results for the 2006 congressional and state legislature races, and some primary results for previous congressional races. America Votes [Dewey Reference JK 1967 A8], is a series which includes the primary results for federal and statewide primary elections. Guide to U.S. Elections 5th ed. [Dewey Reference 1867 C662] has primary results for U.S. Presidential elections (1912-2004), U.S. Senate elections (1920-2004), and Gubernatorial elections (1919-2004). The ICPSR database also has historical data on U.S. primary elections.

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