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Librarian by Day...

The new Dewey display is up! This time around we are featuring librarian stereotypes, both then and now. The traditional librarian stereotype is of a woman wearing a tight bun in her hair, geek-like glasses and conservative clothing. Today’s stereotype? The traditional look on the outside but perhaps showing a little more cleavage, giving way to a slight preview of her true inner “wild child��?.

In reality, librarians are highly-trained professionals and style themselves to fit their own personalities. Librarians today sport anything from conservative suits to tattoos and body piercings. They are both men and women specializing in research, electronic information and a host of other skills, such as website building, electronic cataloging and administration of many information environments. Also, you may not know this, but librarians need a Masters degree in information science to become professionals in their field.

We urge you to stop by the Dewey Display case, immediately to your right when you enter the library. You will find a host of images, books and articles pertaining to librarian stereotypes. You’ll even see the Nancy Pearl (http://www.nancypearl.com/) action figure (complete with “amazing push-button Shushing action��?! ) Also, feel free to take a resource handout to discover blogs, films and other resources on librarians.


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