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It's Not in the Dewey Library? Here are Some Solutions!

The University Libraries offer two great services: UA Delivery (aka: Document Delivery) and ILL, or Interlibrary Loan. If you’re unsure the difference between the two, or have never heard of these services, read on:

Document Delivery can be used for both books and journal articles. For example, say you regularly study at the Dewey Library and it is the library where you usually pick up your books. If you needed a book from either the Science Library or University Library, you could submit a UA Delivery request to have that item sent to Dewey, your designated library. Also, let’s say you need an article that you can’t locate the full text of online either in Minerva or the databases, but you know one of the three libraries has the article in print. Instead of making the trip to the library to photocopy the article, submit a UA Delivery request to have that article scanned and made into a pdf to be emailed directly to you. Saves on gas and time! The library will process up to three requests per day. Just make sure you can’t find the full text online first! For more information, visit the UA Delivery Services link.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a library service to use when none of the three libraries has the item or article you are looking for. The library will search other library collections to borrow that item and then loan it to you. Requests usually take only a few days, but some can take up to 2 or 3 weeks depending on how long it takes to locate the item. For more information, visit the ILL (http://library.albany.edu/ill/ ) page.

To use both of these services, you will need to sign into ILLIAD, and fill out a request. When using ILLiad for the first time, make sure you click the "First Time User" link so that we can confirm you as a UA student, faculty or staff, and you can set your designated pick-up library and e-mail address.

Still confused? Have more questions? Ask a reference librarian for help. Take advantage of these great services today!

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