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The Latest Technology Puts the Library at Your Fingertips…

Did you know that you can ask a reference librarian a question without even stepping foot inside of the library? We are accessible remotely using a variety of the latest technologies. Not only can you send us email (Ask-a-Librarian), you can also instant message (IM), or text message (SMS) us!

Email us any time day or night. E-mail works best for when you have a somewhat in-depth question or if it is not essential for us to answer you right away. We strive to answer all e-mail questions within 24 hours.

Instant Message us when your question is not too detailed. Instant messaging is available through Meebo – you do not need to download any IM programs to send us an IM. Simply access the Contact Us page (http://library.albany.edu/contactus.html). Please remember to keep your browser open while you wait for our response.

Text message us with a brief message by dialing 265010 and then beginning your message with ualibraries: (include the colon). Text us if you need a short, factual answer to a question.

Check the Contact Us page for available hours for IM and text messaging service.

Of course, when you are able to come to the library, we are also happy to help you in person – drop by during reference hours, or call us (442-3691) to make an appointment. We are continuing to find ways to make it easier for you to reach us, and would love to hear your thoughts on how these services are working. E-mail us or leave a comment on this blog.

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