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Who is the current President of Tanzania? How do you find out?

Try the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) database. This database contains information on countries around the world. For a country’s economic status, political status, and other background information check out the EIU database first. This database is revised once a year from various national and international sources. The statistical tables provide five-years worth of data on topics such as manufacturing, fiscal policy, and unemployment. Together with the text, this information provides you with detailed information about the structure and functioning of each country. However, you can only access this database on the University at Albany campus. To locate this database, go to our Databases and Indexes page, and click on the letter "E".

Another database to check out for foreign affairs is Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO). This database was created in collaboration between Columbia University libraries and Columbia University Press. It is the most complete source of information by prominent research organizations in the field of international affairs. It is also known for its teaching materials for history and political science classes. If you select the menu item atlas in the left most column on the first page, a map of the world appears. By selecting a continent on the map, you are taken to a second map labeled with the countries in that continent from which you can also select. By doing so, you will retrieve a third map, brief information about that country as well as both political and economic information for that country. This information though provided by the Economist Intelligence Unit that produces the previous database, is not as thorough. To locate this resource, go to our Databases and Indexes page and click on the letter "C ".

The CIA World Factbook is another source for information on world countries. This provides national-level information about countries, territories, and dependencies. This web site provides data about the geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, and any transnational issues for each country as well as provides a map.

Another US government web site that provides information on foreign affairs is the State Department. The State Department web site provides background notes on many countries that include information about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, defense, foreign relations, and U.S. relations. This information is updated on a regular basis.
So when you are doing research on foreign countries, try these electronic resources available at the University at Albany libraries. If you need more help, contact Dick Irving (rirving@uamail.albany.edu) at Dewey Graduate Library to set up an appointment.

...By the way, the President of Tanzania is Jakaya Kikwete.

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