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Interested in Academic Librarianship? Here's a Program for You!

Here at the University at Albany Libraries, you can augment your experience as an Information Science student. The libraries are one of the few Academic Research Libraries that participate in the ARL (Association of Research Libraries) Career Enhancement Program (CEP). This program provides participants with the opportunity to gain knowledge about and work experience in an academic research library.

The University at Albany libraries will host two of the CEP fellows this summer. Arturo Longoria is from the University at Texas at Austin and Sandra Baker Castro is from here at the University at Albany. They will be on campus from May 18 through July 25. To kick off their fellowships, they will attend the Eastern New York ACRL conference held this year at Hudson Valley Community College. Once on campus, they will gain work experience in various organizations within the University Libraries (Interlibrary Loan, Archives and Special Collections, Reference and User Education, Dewey Graduate Library, Acquisitions, and Preservation).

While here, they will also meet with various University and Library groups (Library Policy Group, Collections Personnel, Systems and Technical Services Personnel, Library Faculty, User Services Personnel, staff in the Library and University Community as well as Capital District Area College Library Directors).

Not only does the University at Albany offer degrees in its Information Science department, the University Libraries provide additional experiences to help you on your way to an enjoyable career.