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Looking for a new career? Choose Librarianship!

According to U.S. News and World Report, librarian is considered one of the best careers in 2009.

Why is this? The report cites that librarians are expected to be more than their stereotype portrays: they are high-tech, problem solving, people-helping professionals. Librarians today are expected to apply Web 2.0 technologies all while helping people find the information they need. Plus, many librarians (myself included!) find the working environment “pleasant and the work hours reasonable��?.

There are various types of librarians as well. Public librarians and school librarians are most common, but special librarians take their profession to a more specialized area. An example of a special librarian would be a law librarian or a medical librarian. Even in these tough economic times, library positions in special libraries are still available and growing.

The median salary for a librarian hovers around $47,400 depending on the type of librarian you become. One needs a Masters in Information and/or Library Science from an ALA-accredited University, such as University at Albany.

If you want more information, ask our librarians – after all, they know best about the profession and are always welcoming new information professionals.

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