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Hindelang Research Center

Nationally recognized – and fascinating-- research in criminal justice takes place in…..DRAPER HALL!! The School of Criminal Justice is home to the Hindelang Criminal Justice Research Center. The center was founded in 1972 by Professor Michael Hindelang of the University at Albany's School of Criminal Justice. In 1982, after his untimely death, it was renamed the Hindelang Criminal Justice Research Center.

Major projects at the center focus on incarceration and life outcomes, juries in capital cases, the Capital Punishment Research Initiative (with associated archives at the University Libraries), adolescent work and crime, reintegrating institutionalized youth, intergenerational transmission of antisocial behavior, collaborative crime analysis with New York State cities and localities, information for evidence based practice with youth and their families, and utilization of criminal justice statistics. The last project produces the Sourcebook Online, the key national source for criminal justice statistics. In the past 30 years, the center has provided the opportunity for more than 100 graduate students to participate in research and has awarded fellowships to doctoral students.

Research from the Hindelang center may be used directly in policy decision-making or disseminated through publications and colloquia. Many of these publications are available at Dewey Library (Hint: Ask for assistance at the Reference Desk).

If you are interested in more help with Criminal Justice Research, contact Mary Jane Brustman, our Criminal Justice Bibliographer. She can be contacted by email at mbrustman@uamail.albany.edu, or by phone 442-3540.

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