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Midterm Madness? The Library is Here to Help!

Did you know that tomorrow marks the midterm point in the semester? Time moves quickly when those research papers, projects and other assignments are nearing their due dates. But don't let midterm madness get you down. The library offers services to help you locate the information and resources you need to get an A+ on that important assignment. We can help orient you so that when it is time for you to do research, you don't have to waste precious time trying to figure out how to navigate the online databases, library catalog, and other print and online resources. To familiarize yourself with using the library we suggest doing one or more of the following:

  1. Take a workshop. We offer several workshops to help you learn how to do graduate level library research and teach you about print and online resources with which you may not be familiar. Workshops such as Introduction to Research Databases, Conducting Research Online, and Using EndNote would be helpful for students of any academic discipline to get a basic "lay of the land" in using library resources, and will only take about an hour of your time. The schedule of classes is available in print at the reference desk as well as online. To register, drop by the reference desk, call 442-3691, or use the online registration form.

  2. Make an appointment. Bibliographers are librarians who are specialists in a specific academic subject. Dewey Library has a biblographer for each of the schools at the downtown campus -- Criminal Justice, Information Studies, Public Administration and Policy, and Social Welfare. Contact your subject bibliographer when you need one-on-one assistance with in depth research, or you have questions about resources specific to your academic discipline. Make an appointment with your bibliographer today!

  3. Ask a librarian! Sometimes, what you need is an answer to what seems like a fairly straightforward question. It may be how to choose the right keywords for a database search, how to locate statistics on an important topic, or finding an overview of the research in a given specialty. Your question might not merit an appointment with a bibliographer, but you need someone to help point you in the right direction. Reference librarians are available to help you with these kinds of questions. You can always stop by the reference desk, but we are also available by phone ( 442-3691), http://library.albany.edu/help/email/">e-mail, as well as IM and text messaging. Sometimes, asking a quick question at the reference desk will save you hours of time trying to figure something out on your own. We're glad to help!