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October is National Information Literacy Awareness Month

President Barack Obama has officially proclaimed October 2009 to be National Information Literacy Awareness Month.

The importance of developing strong information literacy skills has become vitally important in recent years. As more and more people turn to the Internet as a source of instantaneous information, having the ability to evaluate the quality and integrity of information gathered from the Internet is crucial. The role of information literacy is not limited to the Internet; the proliferation of global television and radio networks has contributed to the information overload that often overwhelms and confuses people in search of quality information. Simply having the ability to process data is no longer sufficient. People must be able to collect and assess the value and reliability of information in addition to simply process the data contained within the information.

This October is dedicated to the cause of increasing awareness to the importance of becoming an information literate society. Take a moment to read the text of the official proclamation designating October as National Information Literacy Awareness Month.

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