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Need a Place to Store Your Files? Use Your S Drive!

Flash Drives have emerged as the go-to technology for storing and transporting information from place to place. With their large storage capacities, pocket-friendly form factor, and miniscule price tag, flash drives are here to stay. But what do you do when you forget to bring your flash drive with you? There’s no need to fear, the S: Drive is here!

Each and every UAlbany student has access to their own space on the UNIX system, called the S: Drive. Students can drag and save files to their S: Drive so that they are readily available each time the S: Drive is accessed. At 100mb, the storage capacity of the S: Drive is likely smaller than that of your flash drive, but unlike your flash drive, the S: Drive is always here for you, so long as you are logged into the system with your NetID and password..

Students can access their S: Drive through the library computers located in the Information Commons area of the Dewey Library. The drive can be easily located by clicking on the Start Button of any Information Commons PC. Also, any time you click on "My Computer, from a campus computer, the S: drive will be there.

More information regarding the S: Drive can be found at the Using Your S: Drive At-A-Glance page from the ITS website.

Blog post created by Matthew Laudicina