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Need Help Finding Book Reviews on Criminal Justice Topics?

Locating book reviews from any field of study can prove to be a challenge. Finding reviews of books written on a Criminal Justice topic are no exception. Equipped with the proper information, the process of finding and acquiring reviews of books written on Criminal Justice can become a manageable task.

The first step in the process is to identify the author, title, and date of publication for the book being reviewed. If any of this information first try Minerva, our online catalog. If it's not included in our catalgo, your best bet would be to search the If any of this information is missing, your best bet would be to search the WorldCat database with the information you already have to locate the necessary information.

Once you have identified the book whose reviews you are interested, you will need to know the proper databases to search for reviews.

Book Review Digest Retrospective, which covers 1905-1982, and Book Review Digest Plus, which covers 1983-Present.

Criminal Justice Abstracts covers 1968 - present and has a limited selection of criminal justice book reviews.

Sociological Abstracts covers 1952 - present indexes reviews for sociology, criminal jusice and other subjects.

Important: Be sure to select a database that provides coverage when the book and the subsequent book reviews were published. If the full text of the reviews are not available directly through the database, print out or copy the complete citation of each review, including the journal title, volume number, and page numbers.

Once you have the citation information for the desired reviews, search the journal title in the Journal Finder, to determine if it is owned by the University Libraries (go to the libraries' main website and click "Journal Finder" on the left) . If you discover that the University Libraries do not own the review source, take a moment to fill out an Interlibrary Loan request. Within a short period of time, usually a week or less, the full text of the review will be sent to your email account.

Criminal Justice journals subscribed to by Dewey Library that feature book reviews include:
Criminal Law Bulletin: Dewey Library / Periodicals K 3 R5
Criminal Justice Ethics: Dewey Library / Periodicals HV 7231 C75
Justice Quarterly: Dewey Library / Periodicals HV 7231 J88X

For more information or assistance in finding book reviews for Criminal Justice topics, please contact our Bibliographer for Criminal Justice, Mary Jane Brustman. She can be reached by email at mbrustman@uamail.albany.edu or by calling 442-3517.

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