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SPEC Kits: New Information Studies Resources

Now available at the Dewey Library are six new SPEC Kits. Published by the Association of Research Libraries, these SPEC Kits are the product of collaboration between Librarians and ARL staff. Together they design and edit the components of the SPEC Kits, which serve the needs of the library community worldwide.

According to the Association of Research Libraries' Website:

SPEC surveys gather information from ARL member institutions on current research library practices and policies. SPEC Kits combine the survey results and documentation from ARL member institutions to provide resource guides for libraries as they face ever-changing management problems. These guides help libraries learn about current practice in research libraries, implement new practices and technologies, manage change, and improve performance.

The titles and call numbers of the new SPEC Kits are:

  • Social Software in Libraries: Dewey Library Oversized / Z 678 A88X NO.304

  • Promoting the Library: Dewey Library Oversized / Z 678 A88X NO.306

  • Manuscript Collections on the Web: Dewey Library Oversized / Z 678 A88X NO.307

  • Graduate Student and Faculty Spaces and Services: Dewey Library Oversized / Z 678 A88X NO.308

  • Library Support for Study Abroad: Dewey Library Oversized / Z 678 A88X NO.309

  • Public Access Policies: Dewey Library Oversized / Z 678 A88X NO.311

These SPEC Kits can currently be found in the New Books Display, located on the main floor of the library. For more help or information regarding the SPEC Kits, please contact our User Education Librarian & Bibliographer for Information Studies, Deborah Bernnard. She can be reached by email at dbernnard@uamail.albany.edu, by telephone at 442-3699, or stop by the Reference Desk.

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