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Not on Campus? Not a Problem! Off Campus Access to Library Resources

No longer is it a requirement for patrons to physically enter the library in order to access our many online databases and resources. Here in the 21st century, the library is all about coming to you! Available to current students, faculty or staff members, all it takes is your Net ID and UNIX cluster password, and in no time you’ll be power searching through our online databases from the comfort of, well, anywhere!

Before you attempt to remotely access any of the library databases, be sure to have your Net ID and password at the ready. Next, go to Databases and Indexes and locate the database you wish to search. When you click on the desired database, instead of immediately entering the database, you will be prompted to enter your Net ID and password. Enter your information, and search to your heart’s content! For a more detailed explanation of how to remotely access library databases, please visit Off-Campus Access Instructions for Databases and Online Journals.

In addition to our databases, there are many other ways to receive research help and assistance from off campus. First there is the Ask-A-Librarian service, where you can have a Reference Librarian provide you with research assistance via email. You can also have your questions answered through our Instant Messaging service.

If you ever find yourself in dire informational straits and without access to a computer, you can utilize the text a librarian service. To send us a text message, on your cell phone dial 265010, start the text with “ualibraries:��? then write your message (don't forget to include the colon). Keep in mind that a single text message cannot exceed 160 characters, so brevity is key when texting us your questions.

For research help targeted at a particular subject area, take advantage of the Research by Subject pages within the University Libraries’ website. Each research guide provides information regarding the best databases to use for your topic and quality internet resources, as well as area-specific resources and information, to help you get your research going in the right direction.
Also available through the University Libraries’ website is the Online Reference Collection. Statistical sources, style guides, maps & directions, Government Information, Consumer Information, and Career Resources are just a few of the many topics covered within the Online Reference Collection.

Don’t forget that the University Libraries’ Minerva catalog iis available to you from any computer with an internet connection. Search for books from the comfort of your living room, then go to the proper library and check them out.

If you are mainly in the downtown campus and need a book from one of the uptown libraries, or vice versa, be sure to take advantage of our UA Delivery service. Log in to ILLiad using your Net ID and password, and then enter the citation information of the book. Before you know it, the book will be delivered to your designated pick up library and ready for you to check out. UA Delivery can also be used to have journal articles scanned and electronically delivered to your email inbox.

Sometimes you find yourself in need of a particular book or journal article that the University Libraries do not own. In these situations, Interlibrary Loan can be a life saver! The process of filling out an Interlibrary Loan request is nearly identical to that of a UA Delivery request, with the only difference being that you click on the “NO – continue to Interlibrary Loan��? link as opposed to the “YES – Continue to UA Delivery services��? link.

Another valuable resource that can be accessed remotely is a series of E-book Collections offered by the University Libraries. These resources contain a wealth of E-books on a wide range of topics that can be viewed in their entirety. You can also limit your search in the library catalog, Minerva, to Online Resources - select this option in the pull down menu next to the words "search only."

There you have it! If you have any questions or need assistance with remote access to the library databases or any other library resource, please refer to NetID’s in the University Libraries or Troubleshooting FAQ for Off-Campus Access for more information.

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