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A Wealth of Targeted Information: Subject-Specific Almanacs

• Did you know that the “youngest��? Congressional district is Utah’s 3rd, with a median age of 25.7, while the “oldest��? is Florida’s 13th, with a median age of 46.5?

• Did you know that academic libraries loaned about 11.1 million documents to other libraries in Fiscal Year 2008?

• Did you know that there are 416 social work education programs in the United States, which employ some 5,400 faculty members?

These and countless other useful facts can be gleaned from the pages of, respectively, The Almanac of American Politics (p. 1692), Library and Book Trade Almanac (p. 415), and Social Work Almanac (p. 354). (See below for full citations of these and other titles.)

An almanac is a reference work, often but not always issued annually, containing facts in short articles, lists, tables, charts, and just about any other form you can think of. You may be familiar with a general-interest example like the World Almanac and Book of Facts, which covers everything from countries of the world to sports statistics, but as we can see from the examples above there are also almanacs devoted to specific areas. When you know the subject or field about which you want to learn, these subject-specific almanacs can be a great resource for authoritative answers to your research questions, and Dewey Library’s collection has a number of these sure to be of interest to our users on the downtown campus. While you will often want the newest edition of an annually-issued almanac for the most up-to-date info, looking at older editions can be just the thing for certain kinds of research. Note while most of the latest editions of Dewey’s almanacs will be in the Reference section (in the center of the main floor), sometimes older editions can be found downstairs in the compact shelving stacks; use Minerva, UAlbany libraries’ online catalog, to locate them.

Some Subject-Specific Almanacs in Dewey Library’s Collection:

Austin, J., ed. (2009) Congressional Quarterly Almanac Plus, V. 65. Washington, D.C.: CQ Press.
Dewey Library / Reference: JK 1 C66.

Barone, M. and Cohen, R. (2010) The Almanac of American Politics 2010. Washington, D.C.: National Journal Group.
Dewey Library / Reference JK 271 B343.

Bogart, D. (2010) Library and Book Trade Almanac, 55th Ed. Medford, NJ: Information Today, Inc.
Dewey Library / Reference: Z 731 A47.

Cook, C. (2001) The Facts on File World Political Almanac: From 1945 to the Present. New York: Checkmark Books.
Dewey Library / Reference: D 843 C5798 2001.

Ginsberg, L. (1995) Social Work Almanac, 2nd Ed. Washington, D.C.: NASW Press.
Dewey Library / Reference: HV 90 G53 1995.

Lilly, W., ed. (2007) The Almanac of State Legislative Elections. Washington, D.C.: CQ Press.
Dewey Library / Reference: JK 1967 A77 2008.

Mannheimer, R., ed. (1994) Older Americans Almanac: A Reference Work on Seniors in the United States. Detroit: Gale Research.
Dewey Library / Reference: HQ 1064 U5 O416 1994.

Shafritz, J., et al., eds. (1991) Almanac of Modern Terrorism. New York: Facts on File.
Dewey Library / Reference HV 6431 S465 1991.

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