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Excellence in Criminal Justice Research

Looking for a selection of the best writing in criminal justice? Take a look at the American Society of Criminology (ASC) and Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) book award winners.

The ASC award is named for Michael J. Hindelang, late professor from our School of Criminal Justice and one of the founders of the Michael J. Hidelang Criminal Justice Research Center located in Draper Hall here on the Downtown Campus. The Michael J. Hindelang Award is given for a book which makes an "outstanding contribution to research in criminology." The book must be written by an ASC member and published no more than three years ago. The University Libraries own all of the award winning books, and most of them are located here at Dewey (check the library catalog, Minerva, for more information).

Two of the award winning works were written by researchers associated with the University at Albany:

Maruna, Shadd . (2001) Making good : how ex-convicts reform and rebuild their lives. Washington DC: American Psychological Association. Dewey Library / HV 9276 M37X 2001

Thornberry, Terrence P., Krohn, Marvin D., Lizotte, Alan J., Smith, Carolyn A., Tobin, Kimberly . (2003). Gangs and delinquency in developmental perspective. NY:Cambridge University Press. Dewey Library / HV 6439 U52 N74 2003

The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences likewise offers an Outstanding Book Award each year. The 1992-2009 winners are all owned by the University Libraries, and again, most of them are located here at Dewey (check Minerva for details)

You may also be interested to learn that both ASC and ACJS also give awards for other categories, such as best article and best student paper. You may wish to look at the ASC awards page or the ACJS awards page for more information.

If you are looking to locate the highest quality of Criminal Justice research possible, you may wish to contact Mary Jane Brustman, who is our library subject specialist for criminal justice. Contact Mary Jane by email (mbrustman@uamail.albany.edu) or phone (442-3540).

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