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Improvements to Group Study Area and Classroom

small Dewey group study with paint.jpg

The Group Study area in Dewey Library has been in dire need of a makeover. Over the Summer, we removed the old furniture and replaced it with new furniture. The new chairs and tables are easy to move around so that groups can arrange a work space that is fitting and appropriate for their needs. In order to brighten up the room, we added some fresh paint, with a pop of color, to the walls and ceiling. We also had the floors buffed and polished for added finesse. The next time you are in Dewey Library we would love for you to check out this improved space. We hope the room is inviting and welcoming for your group study needs.
The Group Study area can be found on the lower level of Dewey Library in the basement peristyle, which is just off of the mezzanine area; across from the Electronic Classroom. There are four Information Commons computers in this room. We also plan to add a white board, which can be useful for group discussions.

small Dewey Classroom.jpg

The Dewey Electronic Classroom also received an upgrade over the Summer. We now have a 55��? monitor, which will be used by our teaching staff for instructing library courses. In addition, a few new tables were added to the room in order to replace old, mismatched tables. Sign up for a class today for an opportunity to experience our newly, updated and modernized classroom.

Blog post and photos by Lindsay Van Berkom>