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Resarching 9/11 and the War on Terror

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 mark one of the most devastating points in our nation’s history. These attacks changed the way we look at the world and ushered in a new age of national security, and high tech warfare. In the aftermath of September 11th the United States went to war against those who perpetrated the attacks, what we now know as The War on Terror. These attacks also spawned literature and discourse on terrorism and armed conflict, along with bringing a better national awareness to the inner workings of government, and in particular the Federal Bureau of Investigations. With the tenth anniversary of September 11th upon us, it is important to stay aware of the resources available to you concerning terrorism, armed conflict, and national security. This post should inform you on these topics and where to find further information for your scholarly research or personal interests.

Here are a few book resources regarding the September 11th attacks, the War on Terror and the FBI.
The Rhetoric of Terror: Reflections on 9/11 and the War on Terror by Marc Redfield (Dewey Library HV 6432.7 R435 2009)

Touching History: The Untold Story of the Drama that Unfolded in the Skies Over America on 9/11 by Lynn Spencer
(Dewey Library HV 6432.7 S687 2008)

Spying Blind: The CIA, The FBI, and the Origins of 9/11 by Amy B. Zegart (University Library JK 468 I6 Z42 2007)

The FBI: Past, Present, and Future edited by Edward V. Peykar (Dewey Library HV 8144 F43 F29 2005)

The library also subscribes to a few journals related to terrorism that would contain pertinent information on the War on Terror as well as national security and the September 11th attacks. Here are a few of these journals, they can be found by searching the Journals tab in Minerva.
•Journal of National Security Law & Policy [electronic resource]
•Intelligence and National Security [electronic resource]
•Terrorism & Political Violence [electronic resource]
•FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin [print/electronic]

If you are looking for a more broad view of the literature, there are databases you can search that will have information on this topic. Find these by going to the library website and clicking on the Databases tab on the left. Then click the “Criminal Justice��? link in the list, here are a few of the key databases on this topic.

•Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text
•Academic Search Complete
•Criminal Justice Periodicals Index

Subject headings are a great way to see all of the items in our collection related to a certain topic. Anytime you find a book or resource you are interested in, make sure to click on the “View Full Record��? link, and you will see subject heading links within the record that will lead you to other items on the same topic. You can search subject headings in Minerva[http://libms3.albany.edu:8991/F/] by selecting the “Subject begins with…��? option on the menu to the left and entering a few terms. Here are a few subject headings to get you started on this topic.

•September 11 --Terrorist Attacks -- 2001
•United States -- Federal Bureau of Investigation
•Terrorism -- Government policy -- United States

Hopefully this has been a helpful walk through on the important resources on this topic. If you need further information or help on this topic make sure to contact our bibliographer for Criminal Justice, Mary Jane Brustman. You can email her at mbrustman@albany.edu or call her at (518) 442-3540. While it can be a very hard subject to research, it is important to be aware of the changes that the September 11th attacks made to our nation and the impact it still has ten years later.

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