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Library Help During the End of Semester

As another semester comes to a close it is again time to buckle down and begin to finish up all of your projects, and start to get ready for your finals. So don’t go it alone, the library can be helpful in all aspects of your end of semester school plans. From reference help, to document delivery, we have you covered. So don’t stress (even though it may seem impossible) and find out how the library can help you with projects and finals this semester.

As you begin to finish up end of the semester papers and projects there’s a good chance you will be doing some pretty in depth research. In that case make sure to check out the various ways to acquire those hard hitting articles and books that will be vital to your finals period. Don’t worry if there is an item at another library or even another campus. Our UA Delivery service allows you to request books from the uptown campus to be delivered to the Dewey Library, saving you a gas guzzling trip. Also, if we have a journal article that is only in print, you don't need to come to the library to photocopy it. Make a UA Delivery request for the article and we will scan the article and email it to you in PDF form. Beware procrastinators, if you make these requests late at night, they will be filled the next day!

Sometimes as the semester wraps up you need a little push in the right direction, in that case give our bibliographers a call and get a little help. If you feel you are having trouble or just need a good place to start these people are experts in their respective fields and can help you! They all have years of experience and trust me they are very nice people and are always willing to help. Here is the information for all of the subject bibliographers:

Elaine M. Lasda Bergman
Bibliographer for Dewey Reference, Social Welfare, and Gerontology
(518) 442-3695 (phone)

Mary Jane Brustman
Bibliographer for Criminal Justice

Deborah Bernnard
Bibliographer for Information Studies
(518) 442-3699

Richard Irving
Bibliographer for Political Science, Public Administration & Policy, and Law
(518) 442-3698

So, do not hesitate to call or email them and set up an appointment to get help for your most final projects or assignments. They are here to help and are happy to sit down and work through a problem with you.

There are tons of ways to contact the reference desk at the Dewey Library to get help, and there will always be a person just a call or click away. There is the old fashioned visit to the reference desk: consult the web page listing the hours for reference service. For you new age users here are a few of the other ways to contact us. Give us a call at 442-3691, send us an email through the Ask-A-Librarian service, instant message with a librarian, even text us a question at 265010 and make sure to start your message with ualibraries: (don't forget the colon!). So give us a call, an IM, a text, the possibilities are endless!

We know as the semester wraps up, everyone tends to get a little stressed out. Well stress certainly will not help you get your work done, so here are a few tips to help relieve stress and prepare for a successful finals period.

Organization is a key to reducing your stress level. Make sure you have all of your assignments in order and that you have all of the materials necessary to complete them. Keeping all of your notes, assignments, and other materials in one place can help to minimize the search for them later on.
Make use of the library study areas for you or your group to get together and enjoy a quiet study session. There are some rooms available for reservation in the Main and Science libraries.
•Beginning with a positive attitude is the first step to having a stress free middle of the term. Instead of starting of your midterm worrying about all your assignments, begin by getting organized and process your assignments one by one.
Leisure activities or hobbies are proven stress relievers and in the process you have fun and do something you enjoy. Whatever you do as far as hobbies or activities, make sure to schedule time to continue to do these things in the midst of your midterm studies.

Finally, as you prepare for your finals and projects you may want to spend a large amount of time in the library. For a complete list of library hours visit the library webpage to see the list of hours for all of the University libraries. Note that only the main library will have extended hours and Dewey and the Science libraries will not. You will see that for finals the main library will have 24 hour access from December 12-16. So check out all of the hours and plan accordingly. Good Luck, you can do it!

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