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Stay Up-To-Date with a Social Welfare Blog

For most students, Intersession is a time for recovering from finals and final projects, celebrating the holidays, and perhaps earning some extra money at work. However, the spring semester is just around the corner and it’s always a good idea over break to have some mental awareness of what is going on in your field of study. For social welfare students, following a couple of social welfare blogs will keep you up-to-date and alert on social welfare issues during your time off from classes.

Internet Resources in Social Welfare
is a great online resource for social welfare students. Here there are many useful links to online social welfare resources including some relevant blogs. An RSS feed on relevant blogs from the National Association of Social Workers is included on the General tab of Internet Resources in Social Welfare. This feed comes from the website Social Work Blog. Recent articles from social welfare blogs are featured on the feed and they change on a regular basis. From the Social Work Blog main page it is possible to search blogs by category such as advocacy, international social work, and practice and professional development.

In addition to the National Association of Social Workers, there are several other associations and organizations with valuable blogs. Alliance for Children and Families produces the blog The Social Innovators . This blog focuses on the Obama administration’s solutions on issues such as poverty and how they affect non-profit organizations.

Your Mind Your Body is a blog produced by the American Psychological Association. This blog offers insights on healthy living and behaviors. A list of social welfare associations is available on Internet Resources in Social Welfare.

Several schools with social welfare programs also produce relevant blogs. Check out the following:

School of Social Work blog: From the University of Michigan this blog posts information on job opportunities and scholarships.

Social Work Immigration Alliance
is a blog from the University of Washington that focuses on immigrant rights and reform. Students, faculty, and community members are contributors.

India Study Abroad Trip Blog: This blog highlights the experiences of social welfare students from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill on a trip to India. Social differences are explored and documented.

MSW @ USC Blog: Produced by the University of Southern California, this blog has everything from writing tips, to information on elder abuse, to discussions on discrimination.

Social Work Library @ Boston College: This blog is produced by the library at Boston College and touches on current events in the profession.

There are also several individual social welfare students blogging about their experiences in the field:

The Fat Social Worker
:Michelle is a social work student at NYU whose objective is to address issues regarding fat identity and other social welfare matters.

Michigan Girl’s Café: “A graduate student’s reflections on academics, careers, and social justice.��?

The Nudge Patrole: A social work student at UCLA, Laura writes about her experiences as a master’s student.

Also check out The Social Betterment Blog and its Top 50 Blogs by Social Work Professionalshttp://mastersofsocialwork.org/top-50-blogs-by-social-work-professionals.html. Other good resources for finding Social Work blogs include Social-work.org], MSWprograms.com], and Onlineschools.org].

To stay up-to-date on your favorite blogs you might want to subscribe to RSS feeds. What’s an RSS feed? An RSS feed allows you to receive the latest content from a website. It is possible to subscribe to the RSS feeds of many of the blogs mentioned. Whenever a new post is added, you will be alerted. The University at Albany has a brief explanation of RSS feeds and a list of feeds you can subscribe to at this institution.

If you have any further questions about social welfare blogs, please contact our social welfare bibliographer Elaine Lasda Bergman at ebergman@albany.edu or phone at 442-3695.

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