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New Resource for Criminal Justice Book Reviews

Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books (CLCJ) is a new online book review journal put out by Rutgers University. This journal offers access to book reviews of significant books in the criminal justice field. These in-depth reviews are written by top criminal justice scholars. There are also shorter reviews written by graduate students and others with experience in the field. Whether you’re studying criminal justice, thinking about entering the field, or already practicing, CLCJ is a valuable resource.

There are no specific guidelines when it comes to the content of a review, although they prefer to publish reviews on books written in the past two years. If you would like to write a review for CLCJ, please contact the editors. This is a great way to build your curriculum vitae if you are a doctoral student! If you’re interested in receiving updates from CLCJ, you can join their listserv .

If you have any questions about the criminal justice collection at the University Libraries, or need research assistance, please contact our criminal justice bibliographer, Mary Jane Brustman, by phone at 442-3540 or by email at mbrustman@albany.edu.

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