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Quick, Authoritative Answers in Online Reference Collection

Sometimes you have what seems like a quick question, but you can’t find an answer by searching the world wide web. Or, the answers you find on the web conflict or somehow don’t seem right. We understand – the web is a great tool, but sometimes the results can be from questionable sources.

Of course, here at the Dewey Library and the other campus libraries, we have print reference books with many authoritative answers to those quick questions. That being said, we know that coming to the library and looking up the answer in a printed book can take a lot of time, sometimes you need the answer when the library is closed, etc. We’ve got you covered: next time you’re searching for that quick fact, check out the Libraries’ Online Reference Collection.

The Online Reference Collection contains many authoritative resources that are found in the traditional reference book section of your library. But since they are online, you now have the convenience of accessing their authoritative answers from wherever you can access the web.

In the Online Reference Collection you will find many traditional reference book categories: Almanacs , Dictionaries, Maps, and so forth. But here are some highlights that you may find particularly helpful when you’re looking for research information:

First, check out the Encyclopedias. There are some general encyclopedias but note that there is also access to the Encyclopedia of Social work, Oxford Encyclopedia of Legal History, and the International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral History.

Other excellent resource found on this site are our Reference e-Book Collections. These collections contain many titles that are subject specific and useful to downtown campus scholars. In particular, check out Oxford Reference Online, Sage Reference Online and Gale Virtual Reference Library. You can browse by subject in each of these collections to locate the relevant titles.

One thing that can be really complex to wade through in a general web search is statistical resources. Our Online Reference Collection provides a Statistical Sources page, which mainly provides access to government statistics but has some other reliable sources for social statistics.

Finally, we can’t forget the Style Guides. Finding the proper format for writing your paper and citing your sources is much easier with our Citation Fox http://library.albany.edu/cfox tools and other online resources providing information on all the major scholarly styles including APA, MLA, Chicago, and more.

So take some time to click around the Online Reference Collection. You may be suprised at what you find! Of course, if you have any questions about how to use these resources or you have general library questions, call us at 442-3691, stop by the Reference Desk, or Ask-a-Librarian!