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Association of Research Libraries Reports Now Available Electronically

The University Libraries is a member of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), and because of this, we have access to ARL Digital Publications. These publications are available online and include selected publications from 2006 to the present. If you’re an information studies student, these publications are valuable resources and definitely worth checking out.

Included in the available publications and reports are the ARL Annual Salary Surveys, ARL Statistics, Research Library Issues, and SPEC Kits. SPEC Kits are a combination of resources on a specific topic put together by ARL. SPEC surveys are conducted on ARL member libraries and target current research practices and policies. These SPEC surveys are combined with other relevant ARL publications, creating a SPEC Kit. These kits serve as a guide for member libraries when it comes to dealing with current library issues. Several of these SPEC Kits are available on the online.

SPEC Kits are a great way to see what’s currently being talked about in the academic library world. The three most recent SPEC Kits are: Digital Humanities, Reconfiguring Service Delivery, and Digital Preservation. Reconfiguring Service Delivery focuses on delivery points in ARL libraries and the changes being made to them. These changes are presented in this SPEC Kit as well as the impact and effectiveness of these changes. The Digital Humanities Spec Kit examines the digital services related to the humanities. Relevant policies, projects, and staffing issues are illustrated and evaluated. The Digital Preservation SPEC Kit also focuses on digital content. Funding, staff issues, and content are explored as well as new policies and workflows. These recent SPEC Kits show how the academic library is changing in this digital world. Service points must be reevaluated and digital policies must be in place.

As mentioned before, these SPEC Kits can be found online . To be up to date on the latest SPEC Kits, you can sign up for their RSS feed. It is also possible to access older SPEC Kits in Minerva by searching the term "SPEC Kits".

The ARL Salary Survey is available online from 2006 until the present. This survey includes the salaries of more than 12,000 ARL library professionals. ARL Statistics tracks the spending, staffing, and services of ARL member libraries and Research Library Issues [http://publications.arl.org/rli] is a quarterly publication addressing issues in ARL libraries.

These are all valuable and relevant resources for academic libraries. It is possible to brows all online publications by title or author. There is also an RSS feed for the latest ARL Digital Publications .

If you have any questions about ARL Digital Publications, please contact our information studies bibliographer, Deborah Bernnard by email at dbernnard@albany.edu or phone at 442-3699.