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Subject Specialists at the Dewey Library

If you’ve been struggling with your research or don’t know where to start, you may want to contact one of our bibliographers at the Dewey Library. Our bibliographers are subject specialists who have a lot of knowledge in their respective fields. These are very nice people who have years of experience and are very willing to help you. They are available at any stage of a research project or assignment. Here is the information for all of the subject bibliographers at the Dewey Library:

Elaine M. Lasda Bergman
Bibliographer for Dewey Reference, Social Welfare, and Gerontology
(518) 442-3695

Mary Jane Brustman
Bibliographer for Criminal Justice

Deborah Bernnard
Bibliographer for Information Studies
(518) 442-3699

Richard Irving
Bibliographer for Political Science, Public Administration & Policy, and Law
(518) 442-3698

There is a complete listing of library subject specialists [] available on the library website, look for it under the "Research Assistance" tab.

Do not hesitate to call or email them and set up an appointment to get help for your most recent project or assignment. They are here to help and are happy to sit down and work through a problem with you.

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