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Need a Place to study? Dewey's Got Just the Space for You

The end of the semester crunch is here! That means long hours in front of the computer and pouring over books and class notes. Many graduate students, particularly those with families, find that there are too many distractions at home to give their finals the focus they require. Others find that they can only spend so many hours cooped up at home and need a change of scenery. Where can you go?

The Quiet Study area in the basement of Dewey, of course! Equipped with computers, printers, a copier, study carrels, tables and comfortable reading chairs, this space will satisfy all your study needs. The many computers feature all Information Commons software, like Photoshop, EndNote, Access and SAS. The space is also on the University’s wireless network, so you can bring your own laptop.

Have a group project to work on or want to study with a friend? We’ve got the space for that too! Also located in the basement, our Group Study area features large tables, Information Commons computers and some comfy chairs. To get there walk through the Quiet Study area, up the stairs on the left-hand side, and through the door at the top of the stairs.

Good luck on your finals!

If you have any questions or need research help, stop by the Reference Desk.

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