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Find Us on Facebook, Twitter

For many of us, social networking has become an essential part of our lives. According to a Pew Research Center survey. 65% of adult internet users report using social networking sights like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. By far the most popular, Facebook has, for many, become an essential communication tool: from births and marriages to vacations and new jobs, it almost seems like nothing is official until it has been posted on Facebook.

A survey conducted by the Pew Center in February found that most Facebook users get more support from their Facebook friends than they give. For example, users clicked the “like” button on a friend’s content an average of 14 times but had friends “like” their content an average of 20 times. Similarly, the average users sent 9 personal messages but received 12. The study also found that the more friends a user has, the more they get out of Facebook.

Get more out of your Facebook experience (and give a little in return) by liking the University Libraries’ Facebook page. Learn about news and events, workshops, research tips, and fun facts. You can even search the Libraries’ catalog and get research assistance from a librarian directly from our page!

While not as universal as Facebook, Twitter’s popularity continues to increase. According to a Pew survey, 15% of online adults are Twitter users, up from 13% last year. The number who Tweet on a typical day (8%) has doubled since last year and quadrupled since 2010. A trend setter, Dewey Library has been Tweeting since 2008. Follow us (@UAlbanyDeweyLib) to stay abreast of Library events and activities, workshops and blog posts.

Social networking and the University Libraries, two of life’s essentials.

Blog post created by Cary Gouldin