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Study Spaces at the Dewey Library

It’s the time of year when exams, last minute projects and collaborative assignments are due. A trip to the Dewey Library can help you accomplish everything you need by the end of the semester!

The first floor of the Dewey Library has fifteen computers and several tables and chairs for studying. There is also the circulation desk for checking out materials and the reference desk for research assistance.

The lower level of the Dewey Library consists of a quiet information commons where you can use the library computers in silence. Need to work in a group? A stairway in the information commons leads to the group study area of the Dewey Library. Here, you can work on group projects at the tables and computers. There is also a whiteboard that can be used by checking out a dry erase marker at the circulation desk.

Whether it’s a quiet place to concentrate, an area for group work, or assistance with research, the Dewey Library is here to meet all of your study needs. Stop by the reference desk if you have any questions!