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Tech Tools: Infographics

The rise of the internet with its focus as a visual medium, infographics have become ubiquitous. More than just the merging of information and graphics that their name suggests, infographics not only make your data more accessible, they allow you to use data to tell a story. They can be used to enhance presentations and reports as well as published via a variety of social media platforms. Creating professional looking infographics is easier than you might think, thanks to the plethora of web-based tools designed for the non-graphic artist. Below are a few that we think are the most useful:

piktochart.pngPiktochart is an easy to use drag and drop infographics tool that enables you to produce high-quality, professional looking infographics. Piktochart offers a large library of themes and graphics to choose from, or you can upload your own images. Completed infographics can be saved is a JPEG or PNG for inclusion in presentations, reports and emails or published via social media. They offer a free membership package that offers access to seven themes and 10 upload shots. Packages offering more access start at $29/month.

infogram.jpgInfogr.am is free a tool for creating a variety of charts to illustrate your data. You can import data in .XLS, .XLSX or .CSV files, and choose from over 30 types of charts, including everything from bar graphs and pie charts to treemaps and bubble charts. You can save your finished project or publish it to your social media site.

dipity_teaser2.pngDipity allows you to make a digital timeline using information from around the internet. Timelines can incorporate a variety of objects, including text, audio, images and video. Information can be added manually of imported from services like YouTube, Google, Twitter, Pandora and blogging platforms. Timelines can be easily embedded in your website or blog. Dipity’s free account option allows you to create up to 3 timelines. Subscription accounts start at $4.95/month.

infoactive.jpgInfoActive is a tool that allows you to create interactive charts and graphs based on your data. Infographics will automatically update as your data changes, making this tool ideal for use with data from surveys, polls and other constantly updating data.

Post created by Cary Gouldin
Images from tool websites