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November 21, 2014

Library Renovations - November Updates

Dewey Library
Expected Completion: TBD


Science Library
Expected Completion: Late 2016
The much awaited Campus Center expansion projects are underway. Access to the Science Library will be affected in varying ways throughout the project.


University Library
Expected Completion: Spring 2015
This renovation project will add more electrical outlets throughout the building, additional Wireless Access Points (WAPS) for improved connectivity, new front doors and additional lighting controls.

Dewey Library Renovations

September 4, 2014

Dewey Library Signage

A signage & way finding package has been designed by Plant Department.  At this time we are waiting for the signs to be manufactured and to be informed of an installation schedule.


Science Library Renovations

November 21, 2014

Campus Center Expansion Update - Science Library Updates

As of Wednesday, November 19, there has been a change in egress to the Science Library on the Garden Level east side entrance.  The hallway leading from the Campus Center past the Barnes & Noble Bookstore will be closed off and a wall will be constructed near the entrance to the connector wing preventing travel up that hallway.  The connector wing doors leading into that corridor will be locked.  The east/west doors in the connector wing will remain open as will the entrance into the Science Library.  There will be signs posted on the connector wing doors indicating which doors are locked.

The hallway being blocked off will be used Barnes & Noble storage until June 2015.  The blocking of this hallway does not violate any fire codes and egress from the Science Library is maintained through the Parents Garden.



September 4, 2014

Campus Center Expansion affects Science Library access

Access from the east side of the Campus Center is a constantly changing.  Temporary signage that informs pedestrians how to get to the Campus Centeris in place.  With classes in session, Campus Center ground level doors should stay open according to the semester schedules.  Access on the west side has opened up a bit as the concrete work outsidethe entrance near the Education building has been completed.  Unfortunately the concrete work does not meet the quality standards expected and this will be torn out and re-done which will necessitate closing that area sometime in the near future.

The University Libraries has requested a better campus map illustrating how to get back and forth to the University Library & the Science Library and better identification of how to get to the bus stop that has been relocated behind the Social Science building.  We have also sent some very good suggestions for signage to the Plant Dept. to use in directing traffic to the Science Library.  Plant has acknowledged the need to improve the way-finding signage and the printable map and it is expected to be addressed in the coming weeks.

The excavation work on the east side is fully underway and the ground has been excavated near the Science Library Shipping & Receiving dock to make way for the new dock at the Campus Center.  The curved concrete wall adjacent to the Science Library Shipping & Receiving dock will be removed and (eventually) the roadway will be extended to the new dock.  Within the next few weeks the road leading to the Science Library Shipping & Receiving dock will be closed for a short period of time in order to run a gas line down the road.

The excavation work has prevented the use of the emergency exit door leading from the Campus Center Basement East (CCBE) to the ground level.  Scaffolding will be erected to create a “bridge” from the CCBE through the east side connector wing to the Campus Center directing people into the Parents Fountain area as a means of escape in case of an emergency.

The east side of the Campus Center is where all the activity will take place for many months to come.  The excavation work is allowing for all the utilities to be run, a tunnel to be constructed to connect with the existing tunnel complex, and to modify the Barnes & Noble Bookstore storage room.


September 4, 2014

Preservation Lab, Science Library

In conjunction with the renaming of the Preservation Lab to the Alice Hastings Murphy Preservation Department, the Preservation Department is to be spruced up in preparation for the dedication of the space on October 10th.  The vestibule hallway will be painted, the wood door entering the office space will be refinished, the hallway fire door will be painted and an automatic door holder installed.   Signage throughout the building will be updated to reflect the change in the name of the department.


August 15, 2014

Science Library Detour Map

Science Detour Map

Podium Level - Open throughout construction

  • West entrance (Education/Dutch Quad side) leads to a stairway to the Garden Level

Campus Center (Garden Level) - Will be closed at times during construction

  • West entrance (through the food court)

Podium Level - Open throughout construction

  • East entrance (Physics/Indian Quad side) leads to the Information Commons, and an elevator and stairway to the Garden Level

Campus Center (Garden Level) - Will be closed at times during construction

  • East entrance (by the bookstore)

Barrier Free Access

All floors of the Science Library are accessible by elevators located on the south end of the building.
Podium level, East Entrance (Physics/Indian Quad side) - Open throughout construction:

  • Enter Science Library (Information Commons) through doors opposite elevator.
  • Access Garden Level by using elevator to the left of entrance from podium level

Campus Center Lower (Garden) Level Entrances - Will be closed at times during construction:

  • East entrance (by the bookstore)
  • West entrance (through the food court)

Hover over the paw prints and handicap signs to view more information.

University Library Renovations

November 21, 2014

University Library Renovation - Update

Renovation work continues and people in the University Library have undoubtedly heard the drilling taking place as outlets and wiring are put in. Additional electrical outlets have been installed on the third floor and work is underway installing more electrical outlets on the second floor. Wiring work is also taking place on the first floor.

We are hoping that the new electrical outlets on the third floor will be "live" and have electricity by the start of final exams on December 11.

Building entrance door replacement is scheduled to take place in February 2015.

September 4, 2014

University Library Renovation Phase I

The installation of electrical outlets on the basement to the third floor has been underway since the start of the summer.  Additional electrical outlets have been installed in the Current Periodicals Reading Room and the basement purple study area. Electrical outlets were installed in the IMC above the height of the work stations allowing for more convenient access to plug in more crawling on the floor to plug in!

Work on the Third Floor has gained some good momentum as the technicians have become familiar with the various components involved in dropping the ceiling to install cable trays and ceiling tiles to run electrical lines out to the perimeter of the floor.  This work is very labor intensive and time consuming and work on this floor will continue throughout the fall semester.  If using the third floor and it’s noisy, relocate to another section of the building if the noise interrupts studying.  If a book is needed and the shelves are blocked, please request assistance from the technicians who will move the equipment. Although the work is somewhat disruptive, the end result of dramatically increasing the number of electrical outlets throughout the building is well worth the inconvenience.

Once the third floor is done, the work will shift to the second floor. 


July 18, 2014

Renovation work underway in the Interactive Media Center

Electricians will be working in the IMC installing conduit and electrical outlets for all the computer workstations. The work starts on Monday, July 21 and will take approximately four days. All workstations will have electrical outlets at desk height, making it easier to plug in equipment. Regina Conboy, Head of Interactive Media Center, is coordinating the work so some computers are available to users while the electricians are working in the IMC.

May 30, 2014

More electrical outlets and more wireless access

Phase I Renovation work started this week in the University Library.  The work is expected to end in April 2015.
The work will include the following:

  • Drop Ceiling: A drop ceiling will be installed on floors 1 - 3 that follows the grid pattern of the ceiling tiles.  The drop ceiling is necessary to hide the wiring that will be run for data, electrical outlets, and lighting fixtures.
  • Electrical Outlets: On floors 1 - 3 electrical outlets will be installed along the perimeter of each floor.  In the basement Purple Lounge and the Current Periodicals reading room outlets will be installed on columns.  In the IMC outlets will be moved to a height above the workstations to facilitate easier access.  In the First Floor southwest wing (where the reference collection is located) electrical outlets will be installed on the interior columns as well as the perimeter.
  • Wireless Access Points (WAPS): Along with the new electrical outlets WAPS will be installed on floors 1- 3 to boost bandwidth within the building.
  • Lighting Controls: A Siemans control system is being installed to enable lights throughout the building to be controlled in a way that will promote energy efficiency and more precise control.  This will allow lights in sections of the building to be turned on & off rather than only being able to turn all the lights on a floor on & off.
  • Front Entrance Door Replacement: All four exterior doors will be replaced with lighter doors equipped with better locking hardware.  This will include installing two 40” wide doors in the center of the entrance; one of which  will be equipped with an automatic door opener and a SUNYCard control.  The other two doors will be 32.5” wide.


Drop Ceiling: Constructing the drop ceiling will require the installation of over 10,000 ceiling anchors which requires each anchor to be drilled into the Portland cement of the light palms.  Consequently, this is going to generate intermittent noise throughout the day.  The first installation of the drop ceiling will take place on the Third Floor north side near the women’s bathroom where  a small grid section will be installed in order to perfect the installation technique.  Once the technique is mastered the installation will move to the First Floor Reference and Information Commons areas with the intention of getting the south wing completed before the fall semester starts.  Work over service point desks will be scheduled early in the morning in order to avoid service interruptions.  Work on the ceiling will continue throughout the academic calendar and I will send out updates as the construction progresses to each area.

Lighting Controls:  This work will be fairly quiet as most of the work will be done in electrical closets.  It will require the lights on half a floor to be turned off when the connections are made.  The system will not use motion detectors or utilize light harvesting but both can be added if desired.  The system will enable the lighting to be reduced on each floor but provide enough light to walk through the floor safely.   The control system can provide several “pre-programmed” schedules for turning lights on and off.  The entire building will not have to illuminated all night to accommodate the cleaning of the building; lights on each floor will be able to be turned off in sections as the floor is cleaned.

Front Entrance Door Replacement: This will be noisy and somewhat dusty as the concrete façade will be cut for the center doors.  The other doorways will not require concrete being cut but will have new lighter doors with better hardware installed.  The plan is to replace two doorways at a time (estimated to take 2 weeks to replace 2 doors) and direct users to the doors that are not under construction thereby keeping the main entrance in use through the construction process. 

Information regarding Phase I of the University Library’s renovation project is available at

As with any construction project that takes place while the building is occupied there will be some disruptions and inconveniences. Please contact Assistant Director Peter Recore-Migirditch if you have questions or comments regarding the construction.


October 30, 2014

What is more exciting than a MOOC? A MOOC in which you can earn digital badges!

MOOCs, or massive open online courses, are an exciting way to learn about a new field. MOOCs are typically available to anyone who is interested in registering, and they are usually free. Frequently, however, upwards of 90% of students do not complete a MOOC that they started. A 2014-2015 SUNY Innovative Instruction Technology Grant is enabling a team of UAlbany and Empire State College researchers to create a Metaliteracy MOOC that will use digital badging to deliver the content. Trudi Jacobson, Distinguished Librarian, is co-Principal Investigator for the grant along with Thomas Mackey at ESC. They and a team of others, which includes Kelsey O’Brien and Allison Hosier of the University Libraries, and Instructional Developer Jenna Hecker from UAlbany, are creating the badging system’s quests, challenges, and other activities that they hope will motivate more learners to finish the 10-week MOOC. These digital badges can be shared via social media, and displayed to prospective employers or educational institutions with a hyperlinked record of what the learner has accomplished.  Research will be conducted to determine the effect of this unique pairing of online learning formats.

Metaliteracy is an enhanced form of information literacy that addresses today’s information environment. It emphasizes that individuals create information as well as use it, and encourages them to do so in collaborative online environments. Metacognition, or reflecting on one’s own thinking, is also an important part of metaliteracy.

The grant will enable the team to develop a SUNY community of faculty, librarians, instructional designers and others who are interested in using digital badging to enhance learning.

October 9, 2014

Database Trials via Web of Science

Web of Science Banner

On a trial basis through November 7, 2014, University at Albany faculty, students and staff will have access to additional content on the Web of Science. For more information on this trial, see the database trials page:

October 6, 2014

Preservation Department Naming Ceremony & Reception

The Libraries' Preservation Department will be named in honor of the late Alice Hastings Murphy '40, whose $2.2 million gift will enhance the Libraries' capacity to support innovative scholarly research by both faculty and students.

Susan H. Hildreth, M.L.S. '73, appointed by President Obama to serve as Director of the Institute of Museum and Library Services, will be our speaker.
After the program concludes tours of the Preservation Department will be offered. This event is part of Homecoming & Family Weekend so please register for it here.

Alice Hastings Murphy

September 30, 2014

Open Access Week Celebration 2014

University at Albany University Libraries

Open Access Week Celebration 2014

Tuesday, October 21, 10:00am - 2:00pm

Science Library, Standish Room, 3rd Floor

Registration is now closed!

Open Access Week 2014 is a global event that encourages wider participation in making Open Access a new norm in scholarship and research. Open Access to information - the free, immediate, online access to the results of scholarly research, and the right to use and reuse those results as needed - has the power to transform the way research and scientific inquiry are conducted.  Join us in this year's celebration!



10:00am Welcome by Dean and Director of Libraries Dr. Mary Casserly


Dr. Philip Eppard, University at Albany, Chair of the Department of Information Studies , will provide an introduction for the keynote:


"Got Data? Building a Sustainable Environment for Data-Driven Innovation." Dr.  Francine Berman R.P.I. Computer Science Department, currently serves as co-Chair of the National Academies Board on Research Data and Information (BRDI), Dr. Berman is Chair of Research Data Alliance/U.S. and Co-Chair of RDA's leadership Council. 


11:30am Lunch will be served for program participants.


1:00pm The University Libraries will celebrate the launch of the Scholars Archive open access repository, with a talk by Cornell University Digital Scholarship Fellow Jim DelRosso: "Getting the Most Out of Your Open Access Repository." Dr. Abebe Rorissa, Department of Information Studies will provide a speaker introduction and describe the UAlbany Provost's Fellows Program, an essential element of the Scholars Archive beginnings.   A series of demonstrations and highlights of Scholars Archive repository services will follow Mr. DelRosso's talk.



Please RSVP so we know who will be attending the lunch at:


Registration is now closed!

September 5, 2014

Warning - Spear phishing attempt targets Library users

University Libraries was recently notified that other Universities are currently experiencing a spear phishing attempt that bases their messages on Library Services such as ILLiad, our interlibrary loan service.

Fraudulent messages are sent in an attempt to trick you into revealing personal information about yourself and/or your University computing account. If you have received this message or anything similar, you can safely ignore and delete it.

Spear phishing email messages appear to be from a trusted source.  The University at Albany will never ask you to reveal your password, or send you unsolicited links asking about yourself and/or your University computing account. Please ignore all such requests.

If you want to know more about recent phishing attempts that our campus has experienced, please check our Catch of the Day page for a sampling of phishing messages received by members of the campus community.

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