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iLearn - Learn to do it faster, better, smarter!

“Learn to do it faster, better, smarter!”

The Interactive Media Center (IMC) collaborated with University Librarians and is now offering iLearn Workshops. A one stop shop for your skill building needs. Learn to create it faster, design it better and research it smarter!

The workshop schedule is posted here:
and on the University's Events Calendar:


Many new workshops are offered as well as a return of favorites!
Listed below are a few examples:

Making Posters with PowerPoint
PowerPoint is famous as a presentation tool. But, we bet that you did not know it is a very good drawing tool, too. Discover how to make large posters by setting up custom sizes, manipulating shapes, setting special backgrounds, editing photos, and much more.   

Creating Surveys with Google Forms
Google Forms is a free and flexible form-building tool that is integrated with Google Drive, Google’s file storage service. Forms can be created and edited by multiple users. Learn to use Google Forms to create surveys, polls, registration forms and other instruments for collecting information. The class will cover creating, editing, sharing and connecting forms to a spreadsheet for data collection.

Build Your Bibliography Faster: Speed Citing Toolkit!
You’ve written your paper and now you need to prepare your bibliography but don’t have a lot of time.  In this workshop find solutions which provides a hands-on demonstration of several free and inexpensive citation tools. 

Design Your Own Webpage: Web Development Sequence
The Web Development Sequence is an opportunity for participants to design and build a Web site in a manner that replicates the steps a professional Web developer follows. Over the course of 4 sessions participants will take a Web site home page from basic concept to finished page. The main software tool is Adobe Dreamweaver.

Register on the web:
Walk-Ins welcomed. For more information contact: Regina Conboy, 442-3608

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