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Blog Posting Assignment #1 (Due by 12 noon Wednesday, March 26, 2014)

For this homework assignment you need to do the following:

1. Write 4-5 keywords that you might find useful in research on the topic chosen by your team.
2. Plan a strategy for narrowing down your topic. You can write a short paragraph or 3-4 questions that might help you to do so.
3. Write a preliminary thesis statement to be discussed with your team in class.

You should post it as a comment to this blog entry. You will not see your post but I will get back to you via e-mail with my comments.

Use the handout given to you in class for useful tips on narrowing down the topic and writing a strong thesis statement. Also read Taking Charge (Chapter 1 of Research Strategies) - it has a good model for research and explains well the role of the thesis statement.

This assignment is worth 20 points if completed on time.


1. companion, crop, vegetable, gardening, organic

2. What are the potential benefits researchable regarding companion planting?

What are the potential drawbacks researchable regarding companion planting?

What topics regarding companion planting, organic gardening, and urban gardening contain a sizable body of research.

3. Modern research into increasingly efficient and decreasingly labor intensive gardening techniques may allow many who believe they do not have the time, space, or skill to grow their own vegetables to effectively do so.

Subject: Parkinson

Keywords: Disease, symptoms, cure, nervous system, tremor

4 Questions:
* What are the possible reasons of the Parkinson's disease?
* What are the symptoms?
* What are the methods used to cure it?
* How can you avoid the disease?

Thesis Statement: Parkinson's Disease is one the most well-known diseases associated with the old age. We will study It's symptoms, and know how to cure it.

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