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Welcome to UNL 206x in Spring 8W2 section!

Hello class,

I'm happy to welcome you to my course, Information Literacy in the Sciences UNL 206. I'm looking forward to working with you.


Our group decided to pick Parkinson’s disease for our topic. My research strategy for narrowing down the topic selected is to first get the group familiar with the disease. Many of my group members do not know that biology behind this disease so that would help greatly. Secondly, I want to focus on the up and coming research in this field which pertains to controlling this disease as there is no cure for this disease as of today. However, neurologists continue to pin point specific regions of the brain which aid in the degeneration of motor movement, and surgeries of these regions are able to improve symptoms thus, acting as a temporary cure. For the topic, and for the website we will create, I want our group to explain why it is so hard for scientists to find a cure for this disease, and this entails going into specifics about what causes this neurodegenerative disease.

Key words for this topic can be: Parkinson’s disease, Progressive, Uncontrollable Motor Movement

Thesis: Due to the nature of this disease, Parkinson’s is incurable. However there is increasing research that continues to validate neurologists findings that some surgical procedures combined with medication can help control the symptoms of the disease. Which is the main reason why patients diagnosed with this disease need personalized individual treatment catered to their specific troublesome symptoms.

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