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August 23, 2006

The Many Uses of SUNYCard

Years ago, a UA ID card served little more than to confirm your current student status at the University. Nowadays, we have the SUNYCard, which serves many more functions for a UA student than mere identification.

With the SUNYCard, a student has access to campus buildings and public transportation, ability to obtain meals and food, and in some cases the SUNYCard works like a debit card – even off campus.

Your SUNYCard functions as your library card as well. With it you can check out books, swipe to pay for library print jobs and photocopies, and use the bar code number to establish an Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery account.

The Dewey Library has a Podium terminal where you can add money to your SUNYCard. It is located in the hallway across from the public rest room. In addition you can add money to the SUNYCard online here.

The bottom line: it is important to carry your SUNYCard at all times!

August 17, 2006

Workshops Available - Sign Up Today!

For all the new Social Welfare masters students: Be sure to sign up for your first required workshop soon at http://library.albany.edu/dewey/classschedule.htm .

The class will provide you with information about library services (such as ERes, free article delivery service, wireless access, etc.), basic reference sources, using the University Libraries website, what databases are available, how to search databases, what is a research article, using the Internet for research, citing sources and more. Undergraduates, doctoral students, and faculty are welcome as well.

A similar class is available with information and resources for Criminal Justice students. If you take these classes early in the semester you will be prepared to do efficient research.

Questions? E-mail Mary Jane Brustman, Librarian for Social Welfare and Criminal Justice, at mbrustman@uamail.albany.edu .

August 7, 2006

A New Desk!

In addition to new carpet, the Dewey Library has reorganized its Reference and Circulation Desks. Previously these were two separate desks taking up a great deal of space on the main floor of the library. The reconfiguration now combines these two service points, improving traffic flow, and making it easier for patrons to get the help they need. Here are some before and after pictures of the Reference and Circ areas:

The old Circulation Desk took up a lot of space and was a light pine color:
before desk 2.JPG

The old Reference Desk was a separate "island" in the middle of the computer area:
before desk 3.JPG

The new combined desk looks similar to the old, but takes up less space and is a cherry color:

Here is a close up of an actual Reference Librarian sitting in the new Reference area, which is to the right of the Circ area at the new desk: