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Ageline's New Features

Students studying Social Welfare and Gerontology might be interested in the Ageline database. Ageline is an online research database produced by AARP (American Association of Retired People) that contains abstracts of books, reports, and articles on aging and on people middle-age and older. The abstracts are from both AARP and other publishers. Whenever possible, links are provided for the full text or for purchase information.

The Ageline database user interface has been recently improved. Some of the new features help you to search and retrieve information easier. These new features include:

  • Performing a basic search from the Ageline home page.

  • Sorting your results by most recent date, author, document type, source, title, or by relevance.

  • Displaying your search expression at the top of each of the results pages. You will find this at the top of each page labeled: “Your search: “.

  • Selecting the journal title link and displaying all entries in the database from that particular journal.

  • Selecting one of the subject terms in your result entry and displaying all entries in the database that have the same subject term.

  • Viewing the Advanced Search screen on one screen.

  • Displaying or hiding search options on the screen. These options include displaying more search fields, and displaying search options such as Publication Year, Target Audience, and Document Type.

  • Specifying the relationship between words when your search phrase contains more than one word. Meaning, you can specify whether the two or more words are next to each other, within five words of each other, in any position in the text, or whether the results must contain these words exactly as entered.

  • Limiting your results to be from the latest Ageline update.
  • All of the previous functions are still available. These allow you to limit your search results to only include entries that provide full-text online for free, perform searches for a particular author, particular title, or a particular subject, browse author, title, and subject indexes, use Boolean operators to create complex searches, and to print or download records.

    If you have any questions on how to use the Ageline database, or any other Social Welfare research assistance, please contact Elaine Bergman, the Social Welfare bibliographer at ebergman@uamail.albany.edu, or by phone 442-3695.

    Blog post created by Judith Mueller