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More Ways to Get the Books You Need

Finding a book in the library can be as simple as going to the shelf and retrieving the book. Sometimes, the book you need is not on the shelf. If this happens, fill out any of our request forms to get the item you need.

Here are the main request forms available to students:

Recall Services : This form should be filled out when the item you need is checked out to another patron and you urgently need the item for your research. You can recall an item through your Minerva account, meaning the patron who has the book checked out will have to return it 14 days of your recall. Users are limited to ten active recall requests. Please be aware that any item you have checked out may be recalled by another student as well. This form is also available directly from Minerva, when you are on the "location" screen of the item record, there is a "recall this book" link -- all you have to do is login with your NetId and password, and the book is automatically recalled.

On Order/In Processing Request Form /strong>: If you look up a book in Minerva and the status says either states “On Order," "In Processing," "In Cataloging Backlog," or "Under Consideration," fill out the form to request that the processing be rushed and the book placed on hold for you. In other words, we will speed up making this book avaialable and you will be contacted when it is ready.

<a href="http://library.albany.edu/circ/notonshelf">Not On Shelf Form : If Minerva indicates your item should be on the shelf but it is not, fill out the Not On Shelf form. We encourage you to exhaust all other options before filling this form out –make sure you’re at the library in which the book resides and that you’re in the right collection (you won’t find a reference book in the circulating collection!) Also, ask at the circulation desk to see if the book was recently checked back in. In the meantime, feel free to submit an ILL request to obtain the book from another library if the item can’t be located right away.

If there is a particular item that the University Libraries do not own but you feel should be in the collection, then fill out the Recommendation for Library Purchase Form. We take all recommendations into consideration, so don’t hesitate!

For more information on these services, ask a librarian!.

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