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Save Yourself a Trip with Document Delivery

The University Libraries have a lot of journals available online for you to access from your home. However, some journals are only available in print. If you find an article citation in a database and the libraries only have that journal in print, then submit a UA Delivery request.

UA Delivery (or Document Delivery) is a library service to have print articles scanned and sent to you electronically in PDF. This way, you can save a trip to the library and print out the article from home at your convenience. All you need to do is log in to Illiad to complete your request. You will need to have the full article citation and the call number of the journal, which can be found by searching Minerva. Make sure that the library definitely owns the journal so we can get the articles to you as soon as we can!

UA Delivery also offers books from one library to be sent to your pickup library. For example, if your pickup library is Dewey and you need a book located at the Science Library, you can submit a UA Delivery request to have the book sent down to Dewey for you to pickup. This way, you can save time traveling back and forth between libraries. This request is also completed through Illiad.

Keep in mind that we will process a total of three UA Delivery requests per day.

Please ask a reference librarian if you have any questions about UA Delivery or need assistance completing a request, we're here to help!