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What exactly are Criminal Justice Faculty Researching?

Criminal Justice students interested in the research your faculty are doing, should check out the Hindelang Criminal Justice Research Center . Here you can find out about all of the current research center projects, independent research projects, and completed research center projects as well as a link to display the School of Criminal Justice alumni dissertations.

Some of the current projects are accomplishing notable work. For example, the Capital Punishment Research Initiative (National Death Penalty Archive) with James Acker and Charles Lanier as Project Co-Directors, and the Rochester Youth Development Study with Terence Thornberry as Project Director and Marvin Krohn, Alan Lizotte, and Shawn Bushway as Project Co-Directors are two high profile projects with national recognition.

To learn more about publications of a Hindelang Criminal Justice Research Center project— for example, the Rochester Youth Development Study:

Select the appropriate link on the Hidelang Criminal Justice Research Center page. In this case, http://www.albany.edu/hindelang/youth_study.html. The page appears containing the names of the Project Director and Project Co-Directors, a brief summary describing the work that they do, the projects and sponsoring agencies, a link to their publications, a list of the staff and office locations as well as appropriate contact information.

To read about the work this project has accomplished so far, select the “Publications��? link in the middle of the page. The Rochester Youth Development Study (RYDS) Publication page appears. This page contains a list of the books, articles and chapters written by members of the RYDS project displayed by year of publication.

To see if we have a copy in our library of the following article, for example:
Ireland, T. O., Smith, C. A., and Thornberry, T. P. (2002). Developmental issues in the impact of child maltreatment on later delinquency and drug use. Criminology, 40(2), 359-399.

First we need to see if we have the journal Criminology in our library. From the library’s main web page , in the left hand column select “Minerva – Library Catalog��?. On the “Basic Search page��? select the “Journals��? tab in the middle of the page. Enter Criminology in the field in the middle of the screen. “Search Type:��? field will default to “Title begins with… (drop initial article)��?. On the results page, select the second link to display our record for this journal. To see if we have the year, volume, and issue of this journal that we need, select the “Availability��? link. You will see that we have Volume 40, Issue 2 for this journal in both print and online.

To find books you will want to search “Full Catalog��? in Minerva. Note that if you are searching by title you will have to select “Title begins with….��?

A search of “Databases & Indexes��? can be used to bring up newer articles or other articles on the topic. Note that there is a specific list of recommended databases for criminal justice when you go to http://library.albany.edu/ and mouseover on “Databases & Indexes.��? Generally you will want to start with the database Criminal Justice Abstracts, when looking for articles, or NCJRS Abstracts Database when looking for reports. When looking for very recent articles EBSCO Academic Premier Database is often an excellent supplement to the major criminal justice databases. Our search retrieved one very recent article on RYDS: Krohn, M.D., Hall, G.P. and Lizotte (2009), A.J. Family transitions and later delinquency and drug use. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 38(3), 466-480.

For detailed information on how to select and use databases to find articles, books, and reports consult our Criminal Justice Research Tutorial . And feel free to contact Criminal Justice Bibliographer Mary Jane Brustman by email mbrustman@uamail.albany.edu or by phone 442-3540.

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