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Dewey Workshops 2/28-3/4

Every week throughout the semester the ever helpful Dewey Library offers a variety of workshops, seminars, and tours to familiarize you with the many resources and services it offers within the library. So save yourself some time on your next paper or assignment and come to one of the workshops at the Dewey Library!

Register in advance for the workshops-- don’t worry, it's easy! You can stop by the reference desk, give us a call at 442-3691, shoot us an email at dewclass@albany.edu, or for you high tech people, you can register online.

Listed below are the classes offered this week:
- Social Welfare Research Seminar: Wednesday, March 2nd, 1 PM
- ICPSR, Data and Statistical Resources: Wednesday, March 2nd, 6 PM
- Finding Reliable Information Online: Thursday, March 3rd, 3 PM
- Introduction to Federal Public Policy Research: Thursday, March 3rd, 4:30 PM

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