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New and Improved: Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text

Attention Criminal Justice students! There is a brand new database available to you through the University Libraries website. It is called Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text; it is powered by the popular EBSCO family of databases. Ebsco has purchased the Criminal Justice Abstracts database, formerly hosted by SAGE, and added full text capabilities. This improved database has many more features than its predecessor and now you have the unique opportunity to use this website for all of your future research and assignments.

One of the most impressive aspects of this database is the wide variety of topics within Criminal Justice that it covers; here are some of those topics:
• Criminology
• Criminal Justice
• Corrections and Prisons
• Criminal Investigation
• Forensic Sciences & Investigation
• Substance Abuse & Addiction
• Probation & Parole

The database houses over 300,000 records from all of these categories along with bibliographic records and of course full text. There are over 500 titles with cover to cover full text, allowing for easy access and searching. This new database even allows for searchable references. The database also contains resources from countries all over the world to highlight the globalization of Criminal Justice and the ground breaking research being done all over the world. The database includes records that are compiled from over 200 publications. Of these 200 publications there are over 180 peer reviewed journals included within the database. The database even houses full text books and monographs!

One of the best parts of this database is that it is run by EBSCO, one of the most comprehensive and well known publishers in the world of academic research. Many of you are probably familiar with the EBSCO interface so searching within this new database should take little to no adjustment on your part. You will find all of the same features you are used to with other EBSCO databases. There is still the same search options that allow you to assign a field to each search term as well as link search terms with the Boolean operators AND, OR, as well as NOT. The interface allows you to limit your search to full text as well as limit it to publication type and whether it is peer reviewed or not.

With all of the new features of this database along with the user friendly EBSCO interface you should have no problem using this database to its fullest potential. It will be a huge help to you as you research and compile information for papers and assignment, so get out there and check it out, you will not be disappointed!

If you have questions about criminal justice research, please contact Mary Jane Brustman, our criminal justice bibliographer. She can be reached at 442-3540 or by email at mbrustman@uamail.albany.edu.

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