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Dewey Shutdown 12/22-1/2: What if I need something?

To further the Universities Intersession Energy Saving Initiative, Dewey and the Science Libraries will be closed from December 22, 2011 through January 2, 2012. These closings will impact the activities of both the UA Delivery and InterLibrary Loan services.

What if I need materials from Dewey or the Science Library during the Intersession?
While the Dewey and Science Libraries are closed, you may continue to place UA Delivery Services requests through ILLiad. Library staff will make runs to Dewey Library on 12/27 & 12/29 and daily runs to the Science Library in order to pull material from the stacks so that it can be brought to the University Library for you to pick up. Please allow for longer turnaround times that usual. During the intersession you can submit requests for articles as usual.

(For UA Delivery information prior to and following the shutdown, call 518-442-3691 or 518-442-3696. For information during the shutdown, call 518-442-3613.)

Will I be able to get materials through InterLibrary Loan?
The Interlibrary Loan office will be staffed for regular business hours during the holidays, with the exception that the office will be closed on December 24th. You may submit interlibrary loan requests as usual. Books requested through interlibrary loan will be available for pick up at the University Library. Due to the holiday closing of many libraries that lend us materials, please expect that it may take a bit longer than usual to fill your requests. Requests for articles can be submitted as uaual.

(For more information on InterLibrary Loan services, call 518-442-3613)

Where can I pick up materials that I have requested during the Intersession?
All requested materials can be picked up at the University Library’s Circulation Desk. The following services will be suspended between December 22nd and January 2nd:

  • UA Delivery and ILL shipments to Dewey and Science Libraries.

  • Office delivery services for Faculty. (This is due to closed buildings and no mail services during the Limited Operations Period of the Intersession Energy Savings Initiative.)

  • Home delivery services for Distance Ed users and for Patrons with Disabilities. (This is due to no mail services during the Limited Operations Period of the Intersession Energy Savings Initiative.)

What if I have items “On Hold��? at Dewey or the Science Library?
Please pick up any items that are being held for you at Dewey or the Science Library by Monday, December 20th. Any hold items that have not been picked up by this deadline will be shipped to the University Library, where may pick up your items from the Circulation Desk. On Monday, January 3rd, any items that remain “On Hold��? at the University Library will be shipped back to your regular pick up location. (Please allow for turnaround time.)

Regular UA Delivery & InterLibrary Loan services will resume on Monday, January 3, 2012.

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