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New Look for Dewey Periodicals

Did you know the Dewey Library has a collection of print periodicals for browsing and reading? Browsing should be much easier with the new configuration of the current periodicals area thanks to the installation of some new shelving. Previously, journals were stored in what are known as "bankers boxes", making it difficult to scan the shelves for titles of interest.Here is how the old shelving appeared:

small old current display journals 001.jpg

The new shelving allows for the front cover of the most current issue to be displayed, allowing for a more user-friendly view of the current periodical collection. Previous current issues (usually the past year or so), are located by lifting up the display shelf. Here is the view of the new shelving:

small old current display journals 004.jpg

Let us know what you think of the new look! Do you find it easier to use? Are there other ways we can make the Dewey Library more accomodating to the needs of the downtown campus community? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Photo credit: Morris Stilson