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Resources on Social Science Research Methods

If you are studying any of the social sciences, chances are you will need to be familiar with relevant research methods. The following four books are reference materials that can help you better understand research methods. These books cannot be checked out but you are more than welcome to use them at the Dewey Library!

mixedmethods.jpgSage handbook of mixed methods in social & behavioral research. Edited by Tashakkori, A. & Teddlie, C. Los Angeles: SAGE Publications, c2010. Dewey Library Reference H 62 T244 2010

This handbook is a comprehensive review of mixed methods. The theoretical aspect of mixed methods is explored as well as concrete examples. Written in the context of the social sciences, this handbook will provide you with information on applying mixed methods in this field. Illustrations and easy to understand diagrams are included.

measurementstatisticsencyclopedia.jpegEncyclopedia of measurement and statistics. Edited by Salkind, N. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, c2007. Dewey Library Reference HA 29 S2363 2007 The Encyclopedia of Measurement and Statistics is a comprehensive source that will help you better understand concepts regarding measurement and statistics. The definitions are accessible and the focus broader than other reference materials on the same subject. For the general reader, this encyclopedia is a great place to start when learning about research methods.

socialmeasurementencyclopedia.jpgEncyclopedia of social measurement. Edited by Kempf-Leonard, K. San Diego, Calif.; London : Academic, 2005. Dewey Library Reference H 62 E53X 2005 The 300+ articles in this encyclopedia cover qualitative and quantitative measurements, research strategies, guidelines, and much more. This encyclopedia provides detailed definitions, articles, information on case studies, and important data sets.

socialscienceencylopedia.jpgThe Sage encyclopedia of social science research methods. Edited by Lewis-Beck, M., Bryman, A., & Futing Liao, T. Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage, c2004. Dewey Library Reference H 62 L456 2004 A three-volume set, this encyclopedia provides essays on relevant social science research methods. The research terms in this encyclopedia are explained in language for the general reader, making it an easy to understand resource. With more than 900 entries, this reference material is a useful tool for social science researchers.

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