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We asked. You answered. We heard!

We asked you how Dewey is doing and you gave us answers! Now we would like to take a little time to follow up on some of the comments you provided……


We asked what could we do better at Dewey?

Your responses

Our Solutions

“Having a drinking water facility”


This was a popular response given by many library users. We are very excited to announce that based on your recommendations, we have installed a new drinking water fountain!! The fountain also has a bottle filler! Fortunately, the library was recently gifted some money by an alumni donor which was to cover some of the cost to purchase and install the water fountain. The new drinking water fountain is located in the same hallway as the restroom.

“The library is freezing! Please increase the heating”

We try to keep temperatures at a comfortable level. There are campus regulations that we have to follow for heat settings. The targeted temperature for the winter is 68°F. Because Dewey Library is in a building over 100 years old, it can be hard to maintain targeted temperatures and sometimes equipment does fail. With that said, your feedback is welcomed and can help us to identify when there might be a problem. The heating and cooling conditions are consistently monitored by the Facilities Department. They also take preventative steps in order to ensure targeted and comfortable temperatures are met. 

“A  better hole puncher would be nice”

We have several hole punchers and staplers. We have a hole puncher near the SUNY card machine and we have an electric stapler at the black and white printer station located on the first floor. We have others with different capacities that we keep behind the Reference and Circulation Desks. Simply ask our staff at one of the desks and someone will be happy to get one for you.

“Have clean toilets/bathrooms maybe?”

We have placed toilet seat covers in the bathroom and we try to keep an air freshener in there. We’ve also posted reminders for library users to clean up after themselves. This is another area where we work with the Facilities Department to help keep a clean and comfortable environment. Reporting issues to library staff can help to keep us aware of problems that need to be addressed. 

“Provide tissues”

We do provide tissues. You can find them located on the Reference Desk.


We asked what do we do well?

Below are some of your responses:


“Courteous receptionist”

“Lots of books!”

“Comfy and quiet environment”

“Great response with Interlibrary Loans!”

“friendly patrons”

“Chris, Dick, and Ryan are golden gods”

“……..and Leslie is great too”


We truly appreciate the positive feedback. It is reassuring for us to know that we are meeting the needs of our library users. Most importantly we want to provide a welcoming environment where you will feel comfortable doing your work and confident that you will be able to get the help and/or services you need in order to do your research. 


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