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February 6, 2008

University Libraries Acquire Digital Archive of NY Times

The University Libraries are pleased to announce the acquisition of the digital archives of The New York Times through ProQuest Historical Newspapers. This valuable research tool, which covers 150 years of American history, was purchased with funds from the Libraries’ 2007-2008 Selective Investment Award.

The database contains the complete paper from 1851-2004, cover-to-cover, with full-page and article images in pdf format. Annually, one year of content will be added to the file. Users can search 21 different article types, including news, editorials, letters to the editor, obituaries, birth and marriage announcements, stock photos, advertisements, and more. Articles appear with all graphics and continuations from other pages. Users can view the image of an entire page or scan individual issues by page.

Access is available from the Databases & Indexes page of the University Libraries Web site. Enter “New York Times� in the box labeled “The database I’m looking for is.�

Interactive Media Center offers FREE classes

Interactive Media Center offers free classes , open to the public. Topics include Photoshop, Web design, PowerPoint, audio and video applications. Walk-Ins welcome. See:

Highlights of some of the classes follow:

Adobe Photoshop: Fliers, Announcements & Collages Learn how to create colorful high quality print documents. Students who never used Photoshop will learn how to add graphics, logos, and photos to a canvas. Resolution, file size and file type are discussed. Use text layers to re-use and update meeting announcements, invitations and publication dates.

Getting Started with PowerPoint Discover how to make dynamic presentations with PowerPoint. Learn how to create legible text, install images, embed sound, and place video. Find out how to use transitions and animations.

Getting Started with SurveyMonkey Participants will learn how to use SurveyMonkey to create surveys, collect responses, and download results for free or minimal cost.

Introduction to Making Movies from Pre-recorded Film and Creating DVDs Learn how to import video from many sources including your camcorder into a video editing application (iMovie will be used). Learn how to cut, move, and crop video clips; add transitions, sound files, special effects and titles. Export the final project to AVI, WMV or QuickTime format, DVD, VHS tape or add to a PowerPoint presentation.

The Special Web Development Sequence is an opportunity to design and build a Web site in a manner that replicates the steps a professional Web developer follows. Over the course of four sessions participants will take a Web site home page from basic concept to finished page. Software tools are primarily Studio 8 Dreamweaver and Fireworks.

Introduction to Audacity, Free Audio Editing Software Import audio from any source. Conduct interviews and create Podcast files. Import into the computer and combine audio tracks and edit to create a new audio file. Export to an MP3 player, CD or cassette tape, include in a movie, on the Web or in a PowerPoint presentation.

Register at the University Library Interactive Media Center desk, basement floor, tele. 442-3607, or on the web: . Walk-Ins welcome.
For more information contact: Regina Conboy, 442-3608

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