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January 30, 2009

Africana Librarians Council Elects LaFond

Deborah M. LaFond Associate Librarian and Social Science Bibliographer, has been elected by her peers to lead the African Librarians Council (ALC) of the African Studies Association (ASA).

Ms LaFond assumes her new duties as Vice Chair/Chair Elect of the ALC this month, moves up to Chair in the fall 2009, and concludes her term as an officer of the Council in the fall of 2011.

The Africana Librarians Council was founded in 1957 as part of the African Studies Association under the name Archives/Libraries Committee. The ALC continues today as an ASA-sponsored organization. For more information on this organization please see:

Membership in the Council is open to all members of the African Studies Association who are concerned with providing Africana resources. Many ALC members are librarians and bibliographers affiliated with ARL Libraries. The African Librarians Council next national meeting will be held at Duke University in the spring of 2009.

Please join me in congratulating Deborah LaFond on her election as Vice Chair/Chair Elect of this noteworthy professional organization.

Frank D’Andraia,
Dean & Director of Libraries,
University at Albany, State University of New York

UA Librarian Receives National Award

Please join me in congratulating Trudi E. Jacobson, for she has won the Association of College & Research Libraries’ 2009 Miriam Dudley Instruction Librarian Award. Ms Jacobson holds the rank of Librarian and heads the UA Libraries User Education Program.

The Miriam Dudley Award was first bestowed in 1984, making Trudi Jacobson the 25th recipient of this prestigious honor. The Miriam Dudley Award recognizes librarians who have made especially significant contributions to the advancement of instruction in a college or research library environment. The award honors Miriam Dudley, whose pioneering efforts in the field of bibliographic instruction led to the formation of the ACRL Instruction Section (formerly ACRL Bibliographic Instruction Section). The Miriam Dudley Award is administered by the Instruction Section of ACRL.

Trudi Jacobson will be honored by ACRL during the ALA Annual Conference scheduled for Chicago, Illinois this July. In addition to the ceremonies associated with the award, Ms Jacobson will receive a prize of $1000. Elsevier is the underwriter of the Miriam Dudley Instruction Librarian Award.

To secure the Dudley Award, nominees should have achieved distinction in one or more of the following areas:
• Planning and implementation of an academic instruction program in a library environment that has served as a model for other programs nationally or regionally
• Production of a body of research and publication that has a demonstrable impact on the concepts and methods of teaching and information-seeking strategies in a college or research institution
• Sustained participation in organizations, at the regional or national level, devoted to the promotion and enhancement of academic instruction in a library environment
• Promotion, development, and integration of education for instruction in ALA accredited library schools or professional continuing education programs that have served as models for other courses and programs

Trudi E. Jacobson has distinguished herself as an extraordinary librarian, instructor, and scholar. She is an asset to the UA Libraries in every sense. Her significant contributions to the Libraries, the University, the SUNY system, and her profession, underscore why she was selected for this notable ACRL award. It’s with great pleasure that I share this exceptionally good news with the UA and SUNY Library communities.

Previous Miriam Dudley Instruction Librarian Award Recipients:
2008 – Craig Gibson
2007 – Debra L. Gilchrist
2006 – Mary Jane Petrowski
2005 – Ilene F. Rockman
2004 – William Miller
2003 – Loanne Snavely
2002 – Randy Hensley
2001 – Patricia Iannuzzi
2000 – Carol Collier Kuhlthau
1999 – Mary Reichel
1998 – Lori Arp
1997 – Patricia Senn Breivik
1996 – Barbara A. MacAdam
1995 – Lizabeth (Betsy) Wilson
1994 – Cerise Oberman
1993 – Hannelore Rader
1992 – Betsy Baker
1991 – Carla Stoffle
1990 – Joan Ormondroyd
1989 – Maureen Pastine
1988 – Sharon Hogan
1987 – Evan Ira Farber
1986 – Virginia Tiefel
1985 – Carolyn Kirkendall
1984 – Thomas Kirk

Frank D’Andraia,
Dean & Director of Libraries,
University at Albany, State University of New York

January 28, 2009

The Interactive Media Center Offers Free Classes

The Interactive Media Center, basement, University Libraries offers short classes in multi-media and web design applications. These classes are free and open to the public. Topics include Web design, audio and video digitizing, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, etc. We are offering a new class, Search Engine Optimization and the extremely popular Introduction to Digital Photography and Photoshop for Digital Photography Beginners.

The University Librarians are offering a host of classes that are located under the heading “Research & Academic Classes Offered by the University Librarians� Included for the first time are Introduction to ICPSR, Help with Bibliographies, and Interdisciplinary Literature Reviews & Research Arguments in the Social Sciences.

The complete schedule and registration is available on the Web: Walk-Ins welcomed. For more information contact: Regina Conboy, 442-3608

January 14, 2009

Welcome to the new University Libraries Website!

University Libraries launched its new website ( on January 14, 2009. Based upon “Drupal,� a popular open source content management system , the revamped site has been developed based on three premises:

• Faster access
• Fewer clicks to resources
• Improved navigation methodologies with a consistent look and feel

Some additional new features you will find on the main portal’s site page include:

• Ask a Librarian (“Ask reference librarians questions using IM, text, e-mail and more…�)
• Easy Connectivity to Tutorials, Tours and Tips for Research
• Improved access to Databases, Journals, UA Delivery Services …
• A virtual Portal to our ever-burgeoning online resources and services.

The previous version of Libraries’ website will continue to be available throughout the semester, which can be accessed from a link near the bottom of the new, improved site. Please be aware, however, that content of the old site will no longer be updated.

Finally, we are eager to know what you think about the changes. As with all library services, we are committed to better access for our users and are constantly interested in thoughtful comments and feedback (

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