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Blog Posting Assignment #1 (Due by the Class 4, September 21, 2016)

For this assignment you will need to read the article " Why Should You Be Scientifically Literate?" by Robert M. Hazen; this article can be found at The author, a scientist and researcher in Earth sciences, is a big proponent of the idea of scientific literacy.

Read the article and write a paragraph discussing science literacy with the author. Make sure to cover the following questions:

1. Is science literacy as important as Robert Hazen implies? Explain.

2. What difference does it make whether the ordinary person understands the change of the seasons or the difference between DNA and RNA or, for that matter, any major scientific idea behind the ordinary day-to-day phenomena of our lives?

3. Do you personally believe that the future of our country and, to a larger extent, our planet depends on scientifically literate citizens? Explain.

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Science literacy is very important because people need to know about the world they live in and the reasons why certain things happen in the environment. Someone understanding the change of the seasons versus the difference between RNA and DNA, is based on the fact that they know about science. Knowing about the difference between DNA and RNA is not essential to daily life. I do believe that our future depends on scientific literate citizens. The more people that are literate about environmental issues and health issues, etc. will make the world a better place because they'll know of the consequences of their actions.

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