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Welcome to UFSP 100 Freshman Seminar!

Hello Class,

Welcome to my old blog! To post a comment just click on a comment box.You do not have to provide your full name if you wish to preserve your privacy; you could uswe the initials or an alias - just let me know. Your e-mail will not be shown. E-mail is a viable option to submit your assignment. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you.


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Science literacy refers to the broad understanding of basic scientific concepts that explain everyday life. As long as someone can understand and comprehend scientific issues, then that individual is considered scientifically literate. According to Robert Hazen, he suggests that science literacy is important by bringing up three good arguments: civics, aesthetics, and intellectual coherence. I believe science literacy is as important as Hazen implies because he brings up a valid point that public issues do require a scientific background to some extent in order for the nation to be served. In addition, he states a scientifically illiterate person is unable to indulge in intellectual satisfaction as well as cannot understand the science behind every day phenomena. An ordinary person who grasps why the seasons change is considered to be scientifically literate. However, knowing the difference between DNA and RNA does not make someone scientifically literate; scientists who do not specialize in that field of science will not know the answer, making them ignorant to any scientific matter not within their field of focus.
I personally believe that the future of our country and our planet depends on scientifically literate citizens. Research is always being conducted to discover and explain the occurrences in the world. I feel an ordinary person shouldn’t need to know the deep-rooted science behind everything, but should know enough to grasp the explanation of what goes on in day-to-day life. If we become more scientifically illiterate over time, then we won’t have the knowledge to apprehend what goes on, therefore leaving things to be left undiscovered or unexplained.

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